The Big Day


- WEATHER:  the weather is going to be a cool 65 high. Ladies, please bring a pashmina or light sweater in case you get chilly! 

-  WOMEN AND THEIR SHOES: The ceremony will take place on grass/soil. We will have heel-savers on hand.  The reception will take place inside an old barn, with many 'potholes' that could be problematic for heels. We advise wearing wedges or flats as you will be most comfortable this way.

- ATTIRE:  The dress for the wedding is cocktail attire. Jacket, slacks, ties for men. Cocktail dresses for women.

- CHILDREN: We love your little ones dearly which is why they are unfortunately unable to join us at the barn.  The barn was built in the 19th century and is NOT kid-friendly. There are too many splinters to be had and unforeseen dangers. In the interest of their safety, we ask kindly that you please make arrangements for childcare.

FIRE POLICY: the barn was built in 1883 and is very old. There is a strict 'no flame' policy and thus there will be no smoking in or around the barn. For any smokers, we ask that they please walk a reasonable distance from barn to smoke.  We may have a designated area.