Check back here for updates, information, and pictures leading up to our big day on May 30, 2015.

Venue visit!

October 3-6, 2014

This past weekend we took Drew's parents, Patty & Andy, out to Iowa to meet and spend time with Chase's parents, Pam & Gary, his brother Cole, and his sister-in-law Kezia. We got a lot done while there!  We visited 'the barn' where we met our rad wedding planner, Dean Renaud, and our truly creative florist, Caitlin Kerr. We all walked the grounds and talked about our big day.  It was so exciting - the barn was even more amazing than we remembered.  And to see it green was a whole new world... There was a wedding being held there that day, too, so we got to see a sneak peek at how people were utilizing the space.  Check out some pics from the weekend.