Check back here for updates, information, and pictures leading up to our big day on May 30, 2015.

We are getting married THIS YEAR!

We hope everyone had an incredible holiday and very happy new year.  We sure did.  Our dear friends Mere & Bry tied the knot New Years Eve at the stunning Diamond Mills in Saugerties, NY.  It was an epic celebration complete with a live-feed of the NYE Ball Drop in NYC directly on the dancefloor!  It was truly awesome to celebrate with the newlyweds and my parents, too!  That said, when the clock turned midnight, it meant something else for us.  It meant it was 2015 - the year of our wedding.  And in just a few short months, we'll celebrate OUR marriage in Iowa. Woah.

Chase and I started the new year by changing a few things - namely, what and how we were eating. We wanted to approach the wedding feeling healthy and comfortable, not trying to crash diet leading up to the day.  We watched the documentary, FED UP which opened our eyes to just how much processed foods and sugars we were eating UNKNOWINGLY.  So - we dumped nearly our entire kitchen and started out on a new plan of clean eating!

SO - here's to 2015.  We are more excited than ever to celebrate with you all in a few short months!