Check back here for updates, information, and pictures leading up to our big day on May 30, 2015.

Travel for the wedding: you have options!

Drew and I have been gathering all the materials to create our invitations, and we're happy to say that they will be coming your way next week!  With invitations, of course, come travel plans!  Flying into CEDAR RAPIDS is still the most efficient one in terms of location and time.  Luckily, flying into Chicago is a great affordable option as well!  It's a straight shot drive to Iowa City - only taking around 3 1/2 hours.  Trust me - the Cecil family has done this drive plenty of times!  Also, Moline/Quad Cities is an option as well, being only an hour away from Iowa City.  So if you're thinking - "Oh crap, this flight into Cedar Rapids is a little pricey!" - keep Chicago or Moline and an easy car rental in mind.  You could even plan with a few friends and make a little mini road trip of it. 

Less than four months away now!  

Chase & Drew 2.11.15

Vendors are locked. Invitations are in production. 117 days to go.

We have been busy designing our invitations and are happy to announce they are in production. The presses are rolling. We're hoping to send the first or second week of February so check your mailboxes!  All of our major vendors are locked in and we are so thrilled with all of them. Our wedding planner, Dean, really did an amazing job piecing them together.  Now on to the smaller details!

The day is really starting to come into focus and it's so very exciting. Stay tuned for more details and check back here for the latest goings-on.  Drew & Chase 2.2.15 

We are getting married THIS YEAR!

We hope everyone had an incredible holiday and very happy new year.  We sure did.  Our dear friends Mere & Bry tied the knot New Years Eve at the stunning Diamond Mills in Saugerties, NY.  It was an epic celebration complete with a live-feed of the NYE Ball Drop in NYC directly on the dancefloor!  It was truly awesome to celebrate with the newlyweds and my parents, too!  That said, when the clock turned midnight, it meant something else for us.  It meant it was 2015 - the year of our wedding.  And in just a few short months, we'll celebrate OUR marriage in Iowa. Woah.

Chase and I started the new year by changing a few things - namely, what and how we were eating. We wanted to approach the wedding feeling healthy and comfortable, not trying to crash diet leading up to the day.  We watched the documentary, FED UP which opened our eyes to just how much processed foods and sugars we were eating UNKNOWINGLY.  So - we dumped nearly our entire kitchen and started out on a new plan of clean eating!

SO - here's to 2015.  We are more excited than ever to celebrate with you all in a few short months!  

A labor of love

One of the best things about planning a wedding is that you get to reflect on your family and friends and those that have helped bring you to this day.  We are so lucky to have such a network of support around us.  That said, we assembled a small group of friends and family that will serve as our "Family and Friends of Honor" on our wedding day.  They will surround us as we exchange vows and will lead us all straight into the party!  We wanted to ask our dear friends to be part of that group in a special way.  So, we started piecing together a 'trinket box' that would encapsulate small elements of our wedding day in one place. A chunk of geode. An air plant.  An Iowa magnet.  A sachet of scented pine cones.  Our gift to each individual in asking of the honor to be part of our day.  Pictures below. :) 

Registry adventures

What better day than a rainy, cold one to go and spend the day registering. Everyone has their 'very me' store and for us, West Elm comes pretty darn close.  It took us a few hours, but we managed to scale the store high and low for all the great goods we'd love to adorn our home with.